j-circle-white-bgMy name is Joe Foley, and I help individuals and companies generate more targeted traffic and more money through blogging and content marketing.

If your site is stuck somehow, if it’s not doing what you want it to do for you, then I’m sure I can help.

Don’t even have a site yet and not sure where to turn? I can help with that too.

The first step is to undergo a personalized, in-depth Site Review.

In a Site Review, I ask you to submit answers to a few basic questions first to give me a broad overview of where your site is at the moment and where you’d like to take it.

From there, we have a one-on-one discussion going into more detail about your site’s current strengths and weaknesses, your competition as you currently understand it, what’s worked for you and what hasn’t, and where’d you like your site to be.

This discussion is a key component in the process. I want to get a very detailed understanding about what YOU personally want from your site and how you envision your role in its success.

There are probably a hundred different ways to take practically any site on the web, and so if I recommend X when you would rather be doing Y, it’s not going to help you in the least. So I want to know what you’re interested in, what topics you feel comfortable with, how you feel about different types of social media, what your thoughts are on different types of monetization strategies, what types of visitors you’d like to attract to your site, etc.

After the initial interview with you, I go away and get to work on the actual review.

When I finish, I submit a detailed report and a video of where I see your site doing things well, and where I see opportunities for improvement.

After you’ve had a little time to digest the review, we get together again for another one-on-one conversation to talk about the report and any questions you might have.

My hope is to not only give you some possible strategies to implement, but also to leave you with a number of action steps to get you started.

Big overarching ideas are fine and have their place, but I like to make sure the very practical aspects are addressed as well.

What’s in a Site Review

Site Reviews take on different characteristics depending on the site and where you’d like to take it. This is where the initial interview comes into play.

Some reviews might focus heavily on content strategy, for example, while another review might focus more heavily on the user experience and better serving your target market through improved design and structuring of content.

That said, I consider the following basic areas when doing a review:

  • Overall Site Goals
    • clarity of the site’s goal
    • monetization strategy
    • USP (unique selling proposition)
  •  Content
    • content strategy
    • quality of content
    • types of content
    • focus of content
    • goals of content (goal of content for user & goal of content for marketing purposes)
    • readability of content
    • opportunities for new content
    • opportunities for re-purposing content
    • opportunities for improving content
    • keyword/topic opportunities
    • content creation strategies
  • SEO
    • overall SEO strengths and weaknesses
    • on-page SEO (i.e. SEO elements at the post level, headlines, keywords, images, linking, etc.)
    • general on-site SEO (i.e. structure of site, speed of site, discoverable content for increased time on site and pageviews, no-following, no-indexing, titles of sections such as categories, opportunities for improved category SEO, etc.)
    • off-site SEO opportunities
  • Site Design and Structure
    • impression of overall site design
    • overall site structure
    • taxonomy structure
    • user experience
    • impression of design style with content/target market in mind
    • is the design and structure serving the overall goals of the site and the USP
    • style of images and graphics — their effectiveness and compatibility with overall goals
    • trust factors
    • functionality of site
  • Social Media & Email Marketing
    • social media integration
    • social media opportunities
    • re-purposing content for different types of social media
    • email marketing integration
    • opportunities for better email marketing
  • Other Aspects to Discuss During Consultation
    • monetization options
    • target market research
    • advertising opportunities
    • competition research
      • overview of competition strenghts and weaknesses
      • opportunities to beat out competition
      • opportunities to work with competition

As you can see, there’s quite a lot to consider. But don’t let that overwhelm you.

As I mentioned, my goal is to give you practical feedback that you can then turn into actionable steps. And so I’ll never lose sight of that when I give my feedback.

If you’re interested in a Site Review, please click the button below. You will first be taken to PayPal for payment, and then you will be redirected to the initial form to give me an overview of your situation.

If you don’t feel your site is developed enough for a review, then get in touch through the contact page and we can discuss your needs.

Site Reviews cost $497.

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